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Americas 2017 AI Events

Feb 14-16 Gigaom | AI Now, San Francisco, CA (Attended)

Mar 23-24 Re-Work | Machine Intelligence, San Francisco, CA

Mar 29th AI Toronto, TOR, Canada

May 15-17 Train AI | CrowdFlower, SanFrancisco, CA

Jun 5-6 VentureBeat Summit, Berkely, CA

Jun 26 – 29 O’Reilly | AI Conference, New York, NY

Europe, Oceania & Asia

Feb 24-26 ICMLC 2017, Singapore

Mar 7th  Nordic.ai, Copenhagen (Sold Out)

Mar 17-19  FossAsia Summit, Singapore

May 9-10 The AI Summit, London

Aug 19-25 IJCAI, Melbourne


It’s Time to Take AI Seriously

Is AI a fad?... or, In 5 yrs artificial intelligence will exist as a layer of capability atop every business process There’s an easy way to tell when the hype around a technology trend has peaked. Ask yourself the following: Are the smartest venture capitalists...

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Artificial Intelligence Boom 2.0 – What’s Different?

Artificial Intelligence Boom 2.0 - What Has Been Learned, What’s Different? Is Today’s AI a Revolution, Evolution… or Just Your Standard IT “Build vs. Buy” Decision Making Process Press Release: 21 February, 2017   CLICK HERE At Everymans.ai, the vision is to show...

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