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The Everymans.ai service model is unique in the AI industry.  We are impartial consultants and AI industry experts who remain objective. Our extensive knowledge of the AI industry and its rapidly evolving technology ecosystems allows us to guide your AI adoption journey at every step.  Most importantly, we will help you decide whether it is better to build or buy.

We also understand that when you build a better solution, you will want to let the world know about it.  Everymans.ai will not only work with you to identify the best products and services that will be AI-enabled, but also develop your “go-to-market” messaging and execute the related PR and marketing campaigns.

5 Steps to Rapid Build & Go-To-Market Execution:

Step #1: Build vs. Buy vs. Partner Evaluation
Step #2: Scope: Define Minimum Viable Product
Step #3: Optimize Development: Partner vs. Outsource vs. Inhouse
Step #4: Monetize: Identify Channels & Create Marketing Message
Step #5: Scale: Professional Search

We help businesses and software companies build AI-enabled, Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to take advantage of rapid go-to-market opportunities that differentiate
their products and services

Monetize: Leverage Your New AI Marketing Message:

You’re probably not surprised to hear that having a better product or service doesn’t automatically give you a competitive edge.  So, why stop at transforming your business with AI when you could reap even greater benefits by promoting and differentiating your products and services with a proactive marketing and PR campaign?  We can do both.

Everymans.ai puts you a step ahead of the competition with our extensive experience promoting cutting-edge IT and AI-based products.  We are experts at striking a balance between creative messaging and justifying that creative message based on the functionality of the new or planned features so your investment in an AI-based MVP will produce maximum market visibility.

When you partner with us, we’ll delight your customers, partners, and employees with a groundbreaking technology that offers the benefits of an intelligent system experience.

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